Dylan Bluetooth Headphone Review

These headphones connected easily via Bluetooth with a simple device pairing process and because they are Bluetooth 4.0 you can connect them to pretty much any Bluetooth device like a tablet, phone and so on. You simply press the pairing button, and then search for the headset on your phone or table and that’s it, after a moment your streaming sound wirelessly to these superb headphones. The headphones stay connected really well and i had absolutely no drop-out, while walking around my house and garden, which i was really surprised at. These also has a built-in microphone too, so you can take phone calls too, which I was very surprised at.

The sound quality is actually amazing for Bluetooth headphones of this price. with crisp, sharp high frequencies, superb mid-range all without distortion, the only down side on the sound is the bass, i thing the bass range is too low BUT i have never been a fan of music that is all about bass, so they are perfect for me but might not be for hardcore bass junkies.

You can increase and decrease the volume from the headphones, as it has an volume up & down button, which also acts as a next and previous track function.

These are rechargeable, so you just plugin the USB lead and connect to a power point and then when they are fully charged the red lights will go out. A full charge takes around 2 hours with a playback of around 6 hours.

There is also included a 3.5mm male to male jack which enabling you to plug the headphones, into things like your TV or a older MP3 device, and then they will operate just like conventional corded headphones.

Overall, the Dylan Bluetooth 4.0 stereo headphone enough quality for the price that makes them suitable for any use, at home or away. I think they’re brilliant for the price.

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