Family Professional Photoshoot Day

Back in December of 2016, i decided that i wanted to treat my family to an hours professional photo shoot, so we could get some lovely photos as a family.

It would also be a great test for our daughter who is now 1-year-old, to see how she acted and coped in a professional photo shoot environment, as i am looking to get her into modeling and getting her start early i am sure will help her in future modeling too, as she would have been learning from a very early age.

So i book in for a photo shoot at Eileen Mason Photography on February of 2017. Main reason for booking with Eileen Mason Photography is, they are always advertising and we seen there work too

On the day with arrived, we was treated like stars. We had our own dressing room, where we could get change and relax for a few minutes between shoots, we even had tea/coffee & biscuits, which was very nice indeed. When we was called in for the photo shoot, there was 2 people on hand who give us directions on where to stand, suggestions on how to pose and so on. They was really great indeed and they done really well getting our baby (who was 11 months at the time) smiling and laughing too, they had props and other stuff to get her looking at the camera and to give big a beautiful smiles. After to shoot, we had time to have a small chat and then we was booked in for a preview of our finished photos

One the day of the preview, we was taken to a lovely room where they played a slide show on a big protector (which i have to says was really nice) showing us the photos they had taken and edited. We was completely blown away by the photos, they was out of this world and we just could not believe how lovely and out standing they were.

Then come the hardest part, picking the photos we wanted as the cost was very expensive indeed. TBH i think the cost of the photos are very high but i have the admit they are high quality photos. In the end we decided to go for a digital photo-frame option they had and have all of the photos. Yes this was very expensive (over £1000+) but as we love all the photos, it was best option for us.

The one thing that was a very big let down and this is the main reason why i don’t think we would go back is: you only get low res images where we can only print up to 10x7in, anything above that you will start to lose quality. I think the price you are paying they really should provide the high res images, i mean it’s no extra work for them to do that and it will allow you to print bigger. I suppose if they did supply the higher res images, then you would not get them printed with them but as above you really are playing a lot of money in the first place and i think they should supply them in high res for that price.

Overall though, we did have a fantastic day and ended up with some fantastic photos, which im pleased to share some of them with you all now.

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